About The Brand

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Style Inspiration

Understanding style

ACK Tailor Room is my sustainable fashion vision that came to life. My love for high quality, perfect fitted clothes along with my need to follow ethical fashion, were the things that made this brand blossom!


Name Inspiration

The name came to me since every piece is designed, cut, and tailored in my own tailor room at home.



Every season, detailed fashion research takes place, and adding my personal touch, small collections of 10-12 garments are designed.
My target is to create fashionable garments that will be a ‘must’ for your wardrobe, made out of high-quality natural fabrics that will last.
Wearing my clothes, you can now feel that perfect fitted clothing pieces can be very comfortable, too.

What makes The Brand Unique


  • Every piece of clothing is made right after your order.


  • You have the choice to add your dimensions and a customized garment will arrive at your door.


  • There is no excess of fabric! That is why most of the garments have plain tones.
    It makes it easier to find them every time my current small stock of fabrics comes to an end.


  • For tailoring, I use french couture methods which means that every piece is traced and pinned before sewing.


  • The majority of the clothing pieces are made out of natural fabrics, cotton, and linen.


  • We can design your unique garment together. Through emails or skype meetings, you can reach me out
    and discuss an alteration for your order, or create a new garment for your everyday life or special occasions.


  • ACK Tailor Room is not just a shop, it is an online atelier, ready to satisfy your fashion needs.